Belle Delphine Banned From YouTube For Being Too Sexy

It seems like just yesterday that Belle Delphine was selling her bathwater to people who were probably dumb enough to drink it. The oddball sex symbol has been banned from YouTube for being too sexy, and she tells Vice she’s not happy about it and doesn’t think the process was fair.

“It seems that Youtube, without giving clear rules on their guidelines, picks and chooses who they wish to be rid of at any moment,” Delphine said. “The problem with this is, these platforms are entire businesses for us creators, and that one person, without real reason, can switch it off… It’s just a monopoly on the market at this point. There is no way for me to build on another platform, which hosts video’s in the same way. I have lost 1.8 million subscribers at the push of a button.”

That does seem pretty messed up. Good thing we haven’t done anything really stupid like make YouTube and Facebook the arbiters of what is allowed to be said in the public sphere by people, pundits and politicians. Wait, we have done that? We are so fucked.

But not as fucked as Belle Delphine is going to be now that she says she’s going to start uploading hardcore porn of herself to her OnlyFans.

I don’t believe for a second that she’s actually going to, she’s been making a pretty decent living as what we in the business call a “cocktease” and she’s going to keep that going until it dries up. Just ask Alisa Norris, aka cosplayer Alisa Kiss. Eventually, people stop paying for “oh, I’m naked but my hands are strategically placed” pictures and you have to start doing nudity until eventually, you’re cosplaying as Supergirl at a white power rally.

Still, Belle Delphine has a history of promising and advertising Nude pictures of herself and not delivering. I don’t subscribe to her OnlyFans but while Vice claims she posts videos of herself masturbating to it, from what I’ve seen of them those videos don’t have any actual nudity. She’ll need to be very careful how she advertises this OnlyFans content, we all remember the shitstorm Bella Thorne caused.

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