James Gunn Got a New Xbox For His ‘Peacemaker’ Quarantine

Why has no one made an Invisible Man movie starring John Cena? It would save so much money on special effects shots, it seems like a no-brainer.

What someone is making, however, is a Peacemaker tv-series with Cena and I have a feeling it’s going to be absolutely insane. James Gunn made the best movies Marvel has produced (aside from maybe Captain America: The Winter Soldier) and that was with his hands tied by the system that Edgar Wright couldn’t work under.

Because DC is so far behind Marvel and their only big hit has been R-rated departure from the normal Joker, I think they are just going to let James Gunn go nuts on The Suicide Squad and because Peacemaker isn’t even a theatrical release but an HBO Max show about a character that hasn’t been in a comic book in a decade I doubt they’re even going to check and see what Gunn has done until after it airs.

Basically, I believe Peacemaker is going to be from James Gunn who made LolliLove and Super but set in the DC Universe. Who doesn’t want that?

And the good news is Peacemaker is coming sooner than we thought.

Yeah, look at that. He’s starting his quarantine for Peacemaker soon, which means it’s going to film soon which means we can see that glorious insanity soon. I’m harder than the cow monster in Tromeo and Juliette in anticipation.

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