Donald Trump Is Reportedly Pissed His Wife Made Their Mar-a-Lago Home Look Nice

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Other than in men, I think Melania Trump usually has pretty good taste. I remember people got very mad that she changed Jackie Kennedy’s Rose Garden landscaping, but I think the new, more low-key look is actually an improvement. I even liked her Christmas decorations.

Someone who does not have good taste in much of anything is her husband, President Donald Trump. Before he moved to the White House, the man lived in the tackiest, most garish apartment I’ve seen in my entire life. He also eats his steak well-done with ketchup which is insane and if you do that you may as well just eat kale so nothing has to die for your dry, chewy, terrible meal.

Now Trump is reportedly furious that his wife Melania made the living space at Mar-a-Lago look like a place a human being with class might want to live.

“He was not happy with it,” the source said, adding that the renovations didn’t appeal to the aesthetic that Trump prefers. Trump was reportedly so upset with the additions, which consisted of white marble and an abundance of dark wood, that he demanded they be removed immediately — which they were.

That sounds beautiful. White marble and dark wood. I want to go to there. Trump probably had everything painted gold and hung up a neon  “Tig Ole Bitties” sign.

Losing the election has apparently turned the President into a bit of a mopey dickhead, which is pretty funny. But I have a feeling Melania won’t be around to inflict good taste onto the President once he’s no longer President in a few weeks.

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