Bond Girl Tanya Roberts is Thankfully Still Alive, Despite Reports to the Contrary

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It’s nice just to have a little bit of good news every once in a while.

Tanya Roberts, famous for playing Midge on That 70s Show and Stacey Sutton in the James Bond film A View to a Kill, is still alive. That in itself is not news, but it was widely reported on Monday that Roberts had passed after collapsing on Christmas Eve.

What happened is that Roberts’ partner Lance O’Brien was, for some reason, convinced Roberts had just died in his arms and told her publicist, who sent out a press release.

Then, while he was being interviewed by Inside Edition, Lance got a call from the hospital informing him Roberts was still alive.

TMZ reports that no one is quite sure why Lance thought Roberts had died, but he told Inside Edition he gotten a very bleak prognosis from her doctors.

3:34 PM PT — Tanya’s rep, Mike Pingel, tells TMZ … her domestic partner, Lance, was at the hospital Sunday when he saw Tanya’s eyes close. For some reason, he says he thought she was dead so he left devastated.

What’s unclear … why did Lance think she was dead as opposed to just sleeping? Pingel does not know if Lance spoke to any medical staff before leaving and Lance isn’t answering his phone now for clarification.

Pingel did tell us, he picked Lance up from the hospital and he said, “She died in my arms.”

You know, I can’t blame the guy for being shaken up, he thought his wife had just died, he was probably in shock. It’s usually good practice to feel for a pulse when you think someone is dead, though. Or talk to a doctor or a nurse.

Even though at the time I’m writing this Tanya is still hanging in, I wouldn’t wish the rollercoaster of emotions Lance has gone through on anyone and everyone here at The Blemish hopes Tanya does manage to pull through.

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