Dominic Purcell Has Some Advice for Celebs Tweeting About Living the Good Life: Shut Up

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Dominic Purcell has become a real fan favorite in the Arrowverse over the years. His character Mick Rory has gone from a hardened criminal to a ruthless bounty hunter to a soft on the inside romance writer since he left Flash for Legends of Tomorrow, but his time on the Waverider is coming to an end.

Purcell told fans on Instagram he’d stay with the show through the end of his current contract, which will include the seventh season of the just-renewed series to air in 2022, but after that, he’s moving on.

He also had some advice for other celebrities, ending his post with “ps to celebrities/ rich people the “well off”. We don’t wanna see how awesome your life is on social it’s not the time nor the place at present. Get a clue.“

Purcell seems like he’s genuinely as down-to-earth as the character he plays, and he’s always seemed like a really supportive, approachable dude, and he mentioned in his announcement that it isn’t lost on him “how fortunate I am in a world full of turmoil and tragedy/nor the unfairness of life; that I prevail while others struggle.”

I feel like he was talking directly to Chrissy Teigen, who recently came under fire for complaining about a $13,000 dollar bottle of wine. Teigen actually had a cameo on the new Tina Fey-written sitcom Mr. Mayor where she played herself as a self-absorbed rich person that aired maybe a week before the wine tweet, so I have a feeling it wasn’t hard for her to get into character.

What Dom said is applicable to a lot of people, though. Like basically any Kardashian who tweets about their private-island getaway and how safe it was because of all the COVID precautions they took.

Purcell’s departure means Caity Lotz, who plays a version of Green Arrow’s love interest/wife Black Canary, will be the only remaining cast member from the show’s first season aside from Amy Pemberton, who provides the voice of the Waverider’s AI Gideon.

It does seem like Rory’s story has been told and he doesn’t have much to do on the show anymore, but he’ll still be missed.

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