Is Cardi B Right That Men Should Spend More on Gifts Than a Women?

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Sunday was Valentine’s Day, a holiday that at best results in you and your partner doing everything right and not having a huge fight. Cardi B threw oil onto a million slowly simmering lockdown Valentine’s fires by tweeting that Ken should spend more on gifts than women.

This, of course, got blown way out of proportion on the internet but it got me thinking: is she right?

I can’t say that I think there’s a world where she is. It feels like something you’d find in a book from the 1950s on how to land a husband right under “Ladies pinch. Whores use rouge.”

But really, the last thing you want to do in a relationship is to play these dumb little games and keep score on things like who spent the most on their gift. Weird power moves are not the answer to a happy relationship.

The point of a gift on a holiday like Valentine’s Day is to show your partner that you love them and you understand them. I personally would much rather my girlfriend make me breakfast wearing only an apron than buy me a Rolex, and I’m probably not the only one.

Of course, thoughtful gifts may not be in the cards for Cardi. She posted a picture of some “homemade chocolate strawberries” and… well…

Those look like s**t. I’m not saying “Whoever made those did a bad job,” I’m saying those literally look someone smeared human feces on some strawberries.

I felt bad because maybe Kulture made them, but she’s only 2, she can’t use a double boiler to melt chocolate. Of course, neither can whoever made that mess, so I haven’t entirely ruled it out.

If you’re wondering, yeah, you can easily screw up melting chocolate that badly, just do it on direct heat.

But if you’re capable of it, a thoughtful gift will make your partner happier than following some arbitrary guidelines on how much to spend. That’s not saying something can’t be both expensive and thoughtful, just that if you have to choose between them, go thoughtful.

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