A Former Golden Globes President is Caught Being Racist, Further Highlighting How Pointless Awards Shows Are

We need to get rid of awards shows. I think that the focus on the lack of diversity in awards recipients has really lead people to question why they care about these awards, which is why the ratings for awards shows have just cratered recently.

Philip Berk, an eight-term former president of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association and alleged Brendan Frasier groper, has been expelled from the HFPA after sending an e-mail calling Black Lives Matter a “racist hate group.”

So he was in charge for about a decade, which means a majority of people voted for him, so I’m sure now that he’s gone the diversity problem is solved, right?

To be honest, the funniest thing to me is that he’s white, 88 and from South Africa and he’s calling other people racist.

Hire all the diversity experts you want, people are done caring about awards. There’s a whole awards season like it’s a sport, but it’s just a bunch of old white producers voting to give statues to their favorite movies. It’s not football or baseball. Why do we need more than one awards show for each industry? And honestly, why do we even need that one?

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