The Kardashians Have Spent a Week Panicking Because People Saw an Un-retouched Photo of Khloé

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Almost 20 years ago, Barbara Streisand found out that a small conservation group known as the California Coast Records Project had posted an aerial photo of her oceanfront home on the internet as part of their efforts to document changes to the coastline caused by erosion and commercial development. Streisand sued the group, demanding the photo, which had been viewed four times, be removed.

Not only did Streisand lose the case and was forced to pay the legal bills for the opposing counsel, the picture was viewed hundreds of thousands of times because of her attempts to have it suppressed. This was dubbed ‘The Streisand Effect’ by Mike Masnick.

Guess what happened to the Kardashians when they panicked and threatened to Sue the whole world because someone accidentally posted a picture of Khloé that wasn’t retouched and shows she has some (barely any, really) belly chub?

Khloé Kardashian is 36 and has had a baby, the only person who thinks she should have a flawless, flat stomach and smooth skin is Khloé Kardashian and maybe Kris Jenner.

Khloe made a statement about how hard it is being judged by everyone, which was not really the point here.

It is the height of irony for any Kardashian to talk about “body positivity” and any time, but especially after they spent a week threatening to sue anyone who shared a picture that showed they didn’t have the perfect body they digitally airbrush onto themselves for Instagram.

If you’ve been looking down your nose at people who masturbate to Japanese cartoons and you get all hot and bothered by one of the Kardashians or the Jenners I have news for you: they’re basically cartoons as well.

Do I need to tap the South Park episode?

And that’s not even about Khloé.

I’m sorry, but you can’t run this play about “I just want people to accept everyone no matter how they look” as a response to you threatening to sue people for showing a picture of how you really look. Your entire brand is the opposite of body positivity, it’s like if Harvey Weinstein tried to claim he was just trying to raise awareness about sexual assault.

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