Echoing the Royal Family, Michael Jackson’s Family Also Say Martin Bashir Misled Him Into an Interview That Resulted in His Death

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The Royal Family is furious with Martin Bashir and the BBC over the revelation that Diana, Princess of Wales only agreed to her famous interview with Bashir during which she said “there were three of us in this marriage,” referring to her then-husband Prince Charles’ long-time affair with the current Princess of Wales, Camilla Parker-Bowles.

Charles has of late been angry the BBC still shows clips from the interview, but probably not so much because Diana was tricked into giving it with forged documents showing Palace staffers taking money to dish dirt on her but more because it puts him in a bad light by showing exactly who he actually is.

Diana’s family isn’t the only person accusing Bashir of dirty tricks to get an interview, though; Michael Jackson’s family think Bashir tricked him into participating in his documentary Living with Michael Jackson, which raised allegations of pedophilia which led to him being tried and acquitted in 2005. It also led to Trey Parker’s impression of Jackson and his use of the word “ignorant.”

TMZ reports that Michael’s brother Tito Jackson and his son Taj want an investigation into the circumstances around Michael’s interview with Bashir.

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