‘Hot Ones’ Host Sean Evans Picked Up an Emmy Nomination

Every so often, awards shows do something that isn’t actually insanely out of touch and it makes you sit up and take notice that some of those voters are actually paying attention to the cultural zeitgeist of the moment.

The Daytime Emmy awards sort of shocked everyone by nominating Sean Evans, host of the YouTube series Hot Ones, for Outstanding Entertainment Talk Show Host.

You know who wasn’t nominated in that category? Ellen DeGeneres. Also no one from The Talk or The View or The Cluck or whatever show happens to be about a bunch of kind-of famous women yelling at the one Republican on the panel at 11 AM.

No one was more surprised about this than Sean.

I’m not a huge fan of Hot Ones, mainly because I’m not a big fan of spicy food, but it is an interesting format, way more entertaining than Ellen’s fake-nice act or whatever it is that Wendy Williams does that people watch her for. I guess being sassy or basically being a less-hip version of Phillip DeFranco.

It’s very fun to watch big celebrities like Paul Rudd and Brie Larson struggling to make it through ten progressively hotter chicken wings until they get to “The Last Dab,” something a normal person would only eat because they hate themselves.

I may be wrong, but I can’t find any other YouTube shows nominated in this category or any major category, just in the Outstanding Digital Daytime Drama Series.

While I don’t want to take anything away from Sean, who is a great host and absolutes deserves to be nominated and his nomination is basically the only thing giving the show a sliver of credibility right now, but I do wonder if this will open the door to other YouTubers to be nominated for a Daytime Emmy. Shows like Binging with Babish, and Good Mythical Morning are miles ahead of the shows nominated for cooking and morning shows. Seriously, the two hosts of the drunk ladies hour of The Today Show are nominated for an Emmy but not Rhett and Link? Where’s justice, man?

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Robert Paulsen
Robert Paulsen
2 years ago

The nomination is the only thing giving the show credibility? Not the 2B views on their videos / the fact that more people tune into this than some fake late night show? Come on…you sound like a hater here

1 year ago

The show, aside from the hot wings format, is just a well-researched, excellent talk show. I have never seen more guests comment “Wow, that is a great question” or “You guys really do your research” than ANY OTHER show. That includes daytime or late night or even freakin’ Barbara Walters. That alone, should tell you what a great talk show it is- when the guest themselves, by their self-professed compliments, say the show is worthy. And through that, the audience is rewarded with more interesting stories, and a deeper dive into the artist being interviewed. The only other show that… Read more »