Pete Davidson Wants to Move on From ‘SNL’, Maybe He’ll Give Comedy a Try

Saturday Night Live is set to undergo some major changes, something it should have done years ago. Unfortunately, the direction is unlikely to change as it’s only cast members who are leaving and Lorne Michaels isn’t putting someone else who still understands what’s funny in charge.

One of the cast members rumored to not be coming back is Pete Davidson, something he basically confirmed for The Hollywood Reporter when the discussion turned to Keenan Thompson having been on the show for 18 years.

DAVIDSON Yeah, I’m good. I’m surprised I made it to seven. I’m ready to hang up the jersey. Kenan’s like fuckin’ Karl Malone out there.

That’s not confirmation that Davidson is leaving, but it’s pretty close.

And leaving Saturday Night Live could put him in the position of finding a gig with writers who are actually talented so he can do things that are funny for a change.

Pete has grown on me since I’ve him do things that aren’t Saturday Night Live, and so I’m interested in seeing what he’ll do next. I think he’s actually growing up and he could be a very talented comedic actor.

But you’re really just not going to see that on SNL in any meaningful way until there are some changes backstage.

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