Tristan Thompson Allegedly Wanted Maralee Nichols to Abort Their Kid

Tristan Thompson has a new baby on the way. Unfortunately, that’s not what he wanted. Lol?

Someone not named Khloe Kardashian is carrying around his third kid. Maralee Nichols is due to birth their baby December 3rd [Ed. note: Baby is here].

According to text messages though, Thompson allegedly asked Nichols to, you know, maybe, disappear the kid?

Per Page Six:

Nichols via her attorney filed a legal request to submit text messages purportedly sent between her and Thompson as evidence for her paternity lawsuit against him, and in the request, obtained by Page Six, she claims he wanted her to terminate the pregnancy.

Nichols has also asked for child support, even though the kid isn’t born yet.

Thompson says he’ll retire next year, so good luck with squeezing juice out of this 6’9″ turnip.

He’s also asked the courts to move their case to Texas because, well, Texas. Over there, Nichols won’t get as much as in California, where she filed the case.

Congrats to both these lovebirds.

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