Tom Cruise ‘Splits’ From Girlfriend Hayley Atwell. In Other Words, Contract Expired

Tom Cruise, unlucky in love? Or still hiding a secret. Cruise reportedly broke up with Hayley Atwell again recently. That’s according to The Sun, so take it as you will.

This comes after the two split in September 2021. Honestly, are we still keeping track of who Cruise “dates”?

Coincidentally, all of Cruise’s Top Gun: Maverick appearances seem to be winding donw, the film’s on the way to become a bilion dollar moneymaker, so does he reallly need to show the world he’s dating someone? Nope, so Hayley, you are relieved from your dutiies.

The Sun says Cruise, 59, and Atwell, 40, are “better as friends.” I’m snorting. Yea right.

The Sun also says the fame around them dating was too much. Again, more snorting. Publicity is EXACTLY why they dated.

They get on really well, and have fantastic chemistry, which is why they decided to quietly give the relationship another try earlier this year…

What was working behind closed doors didn’t work out so well when it was made public, and the fanfare around them as a couple exploded again.

Atwell filmed Mission: Impossible — Dead Reckoning Part I with Cruise. The movie comes out in 2023, so there’s still time for them to reunite for that premiere. If Tom hasn’t found another contract girlfriend by then.

If you love gossip, supposedly Atwell got paid more to be Cruise’s girlfriend after on-set audio of his mask tantrum leaked. I’m glad Hollywood will never change.

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