Lana Del Rey and Rumored Boyfriend Jack Donoghue’s Jailhouse Photo Have People Confused

Lana Del Rey confused fans after posing outside Chicago’s Cook County Jail with possible new boyfriend Jack Donoghue.

Donoghue posted two photos on Instagram: one a selfie and one of Del Rey and him together in front of the jail’s barbed wire fence. He captioned it “family visit.”

Del Rey, 37, and Donoghue, 33, are rumored to have been dating for months. Donoghue’s in the Michigan band Salem.

One anonymous posted to The Data Lounge wrote about Donoghue, albeit unverified:

Jack Donoghue is a weird cult figure who had a noise band called Salem in the early 2010s. Meth-ed out midwest white trash seems to be his aesthetic, but it’s not secret that he’s made out with men before—the guy he’s kissing (there are other photos and videos of it) is one of his bandmates, John Holland, who I believe is gay. I have always assumed Jack was bisexual based on how hot and heavy some of the videos were—either that, or it’s an elaborate joke, but I somehow doubt that. Seems like Lana’s type to be honest. I remember when Jack was hanging around with Courtney Love around 2010-ish in New York, and seeing several photos of them together at events. I think there were some pictures of them hanging out together in a hotel room too. The vibe I got was that she was more being a mentor/faghag to him as opposed to fucking him. They were probably using together too.

The internet did a double take at the photos.

Then there’s people who’ve got something to say about Donoghue kissing his bandmate John Holland?

It reminds fans of Del Rey kissing her sister Chuck Grant.

All this still doesn’t answer why they’re standing outside a jail.

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