Conor McGregor’s Alleged Rape Victim on Video Moments After Alleged Rape

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If you had told me that a week ago, “oh yeah, I know who that woman is; she’s the one who said Conor McGregor raped her in the bathroom at Kaseya Arena after he knocked out the Miami Heat mascot, but then it turned out there was a video of them having drinks together just minutes after and they were having a normal conversation after McGregor allegedly led her into the bathroom by the hand and raped her? Oh right, we have that video. Does it prove Conor’s innocence? What do I know?

The woman’s lawyer, Ariel Mitchell, says the video shows that they looked uncomfortable around each other afterwards and that they hadn’t been awkward before that. Mitchell thinks this video supports what the woman has been saying all along. On the other hand, Conor’s lawyer, Barbara R. Llanes, says this video proves that the woman’s claims are not true.

While the claimant’s story has changed yet again…our account of the evening has never changed. This video only reinforces our position. We look forward to the swift conclusion of the investigation.

I don’t know if Conor McGregor’s bathroom story is an apple or a banana, but it’s definitely got everyone peeling with confusion! Let’s hope they find the juicy truth and squash the confusion soon! And that it wasn’t rape.

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