Emily Blunt Trading Movies For Motherhood, RIP Her Career

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Actress Emily Blunt is shockingly ditching the spotlight for a year because mommy guilt, stalling her career just as she booked supposedly “hot” new roles.

The 40-year-old British star claims she needs to spend more time with her daughters Hazel, 9, and Violet, 6 before they become sullen preteens who hate mommy. She explained to iHeart’s “Table For Two with Bruce Bozzi” podcast:

“I just feel [like] there are cornerstones to their day that are so important when they’re little.”

But Blunt only snagged leading lady parts recently in movies like A Quiet Place after years stuck playing lame wife sidekick roles that even a teenager could do in their sleep. Roles like generic love interests in rom-coms such as The Five-Year Engagement, sidekicks in action flicks like The Wolfman, and “concerned wife” parts in dramas like The Adjustment Bureau.

Be careful, Emily. Megan Fox’s career never bounced back to A-list status after she took time off from starring in movies to focus on having kids. She struggled to regain her prior leading lady roles after stepping away in the early 2010s. Hope Blunt’s ready to join the club of flash-in-the-pan flames extinguished by poorly timed breaks.

Blunt apparently wants us to believe pausing her white-hot moment is some noble maternal sacrifice. But in 2023, should any woman have to choose between kids and career success? Sounds like someone’s still stuck in the 1950s. What’s next, corsets and calling your husband “daddy?”

We can’t help but notice hubby John Krasinski’s career will plow forward at full steam. Though we’re sure juggling directing and movie interviews is extremely taxing in its own way.

Sure, someone has to remember to stock orange slices for soccer practice. Clearly Blunt decided Krasinski must be selflessly spared such burdens.

This hypocrite also discourages her own daughters from the “disappointing” acting biz yet admits “advocating for ambitious women.” Make it make sense, Em.

Ok, so “hypocrite” is too harsh. We get parenting is demanding. But such flaky behavior suggests she’s not cut out for the big leagues.

Here’s hoping Blunt’s questionable timeout doesn’t tank her fledgling stardom.

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