Tom Holland No Longer Fun Now That He’s Given Up Alcohol

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Tom Holland is the latest celeb to give up drinking after one too many sloppy nights. The Spider-Man star recently confessed on a podcast that he was “definitely addicted to alcohol” and has now been sober for a year and a half. Too bad.

Holland admitted his hard-partying ways really took off one boozy December, presumably 2021. But soon the actor was waking up obsessing over his next drink like Lindsay Lohan. After struggling to survive a dry January and February, Holland knew he had a problem. Via Hollywood Reporter:

I was waking up thinking about it. I was checking the clock when’s it 12. It really scared me. I just was like, ‘Wow, maybe I have a little bit of an alcohol thing.’

By June 2022, Holland managed six months sans liquor and realized he felt “happier than ever.”

He described improved sleep, clarity, and on-set composure. So Holland decided to ditch the sauce for good. He also got really, really boring.

Of course, maybe Zendaya was an influence. She’s never sipped alcohol. So no doubt her little lapdog Holland stopped boozing just to keep impressing Zendaya and her scary momager.

This is so familiar in Hollywood, where stars like Robert Downey Jr. and Ben Affleck have battled addiction. Holland was drinking to excess like any good Brit, but now avoids things like his rugby community, where drinking is a time-honored pastime.

Teetotaler Holland also credits electrolyte replacements for helping him stay sober. But swapping booze for sports drinks seems like a flimsy solution. He’s 27, he’ll come back. And when he does, it’s shots all around.

Holland insists he doesn’t want to preach sobriety, saying “it’s not for me to say.” At least he’s not gonna be one of those people.

Although, maybe don’t boast about sobriety when you’ve barely skipped a couple trips around the sun sober. Let’s chat again after a few more Dry Januarys under your belt, Spidey.

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