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Psst Hilary Duff, I can see your vagina

By on August 21, 2007

Hilary Duff

performed in Anaheim, California late last week wearing some really short shorts without underwear and I think she flashed the audience. I can’t be too sure if what I’m seeing is a vagina or a trick of light or just really gripping underwear. I only have these medical books to go off of ever since my neighbor canceled his Playboy subscription. It’s really hard to tell when things aren’t labeled properly. Anyway, just pretend this is ’s vagina. For future reference, when you’re performing on stage and everyone is looking up at you, it’s probably a good idea to invest in some panties. Also, my text book says she should watch out for yeast infections. Those things are gross. The first one is NSFW. Super high res here if you want to double check.

Update: I think we should vote.

  1. Labia
  2. Underwear
  3. Top of her shorts
  4. An armadillo

Enter in your number in a comment.

Hilary Duff flashes her vaginaHilary Duff flashes her vaginaHilary Duff flashes her vaginaHilary Duff flashes her vaginaHilary Duff flashes her vaginaHilary Duff flashes her vaginaHilary Duff flashes her vaginaHilary Duff flashes her vaginaHilary Duff flashes her vaginaHilary Duff flashes her vagina

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  • lee mitchell

    Well…just as long as she doesn’t call her Vagina “lil’ Duff”, I’m alright with it.

  • darren

    or call her vagina “Muff Duff”

  • Victor

    I wonder if any has gone down on her and said “Duff man, can’t breathe. Oh. No.” While pelvic thrusting.

  • Funkadelicious

    Sorry… that’s SO just the top of the shorts leg & panties. No cooter there. I should know.

  • Victor

    Why you gotta rain on my parade?

  • Anonymous

    A vagina is internal. If anything, you’re seeing her vulva.

  • Will

    Nope, That’s a ‘skort’. A combination skirt and shorts. the first picture shows the hemline and crease, not what ya’ll think it is.

  • chewy

    if it is her vagina, i’m sure joel madden will be interested. since he’s never seen it before…

    and if it is just a skort, who cares? if you fold it up just right, you can still make love to it.

    he he..uhh, hello??

  • Victor

    Great minds think a like chewy

  • Emily

    I also think it’s just her underwear. I carefully inspected the high res. Nice try, though. You’ve got a keen eye!

  • Dopeshat

    I thought the question was whether it was her vagina. Why is everyone concerned with whether it is a skirt or a skort. You can still see up the side of a skort.

  • theresa

    idk its blurred out 4 me

  • JohnnyG

    Super Hi-Res doesn’t exist:

    Sorry, this image does not exist.
    Maybe you would like to upload a new image?


  • Victor

    It’s there JohnnyG. Just checked the link.

  • Wanker

    Sorry, paedophiles. That’s simply the hemline of her shorts. Note that these are shorts, not a culotte or bizarre skirt. There’s a well defined line between left and right leg. We are looking up her right pant leg. The dark area at the bottom is the overlapped fabric making the hem. The lighter fabric at the top – the alleged panties and/or naked crotch, is simply the light going through the single layer of fabric.

    And her quasi-slutty, semi goth, I’m so sophisticated look is just not very attractive. Her look was so blonde and so pretty that someone convinced her she needed to look more ‘”mature.” So they screwed her up. I guess nobody told her about Heidi Klum or Claudia Schiffer. Or explained how Lohan screwed it up.

  • Kman

    Who cares? What you think it is then think it. If it gets you horny then get horny! I just like it!

  • biff

    Not sure that’s a vag…. Looks wrong somehow…

  • Burt

    That can’t be a vag! It’s not centered. Has to be panties plus vag, maybe?!

  • rsj

    No 1

  • MisMoe

    I want to see the d picture to decide for myself…!!!!!!!!! Why is it blurred out????!!!!!!!!!?

  • Hil’s Gyno

    From someone who doesn’t need a textbook to confirm what a vagina looks like, it is absolutely, definitely, 100%……………… the inside stitching of her shorts. Hilary may be making some interesting image choices lately, but after going to all the trouble of making an album called “Dignity” she’s (hopefully) not going to make a dumb mistake like that.

    Then again, shorts like that is plenty to give the front row a thrill!!!!

    ps “Quasi-slutty”? Did you see her maxim layout? Compared to what other girls usually wear in that mag, she’s practically wearing a full-length robe with matching chastity belt. And “pedophiles”? (coming from someone named “Wanker”, haha) She’s like 20. These are prime spring break years “Take it off!! Whooooo!!” :p