Selma Blair is uncoordinated | The Blemish

Selma Blair is uncoordinated

By on September 5, 2008

Selma Blair

TMZ put up this picture of Selma Blair eating it while riding a scooter on the set of Kath and Kim. It’s unclear whether this was part of the script or not, but I always enjoy celebrities scrubbing hard on toys meant for eight year olds. It brings joy to my cold, icy heart.

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  • laura loo

    this show is prob gonna suck big_____…

  • Victor

    suck big rainbows?

  • laura loo

    gettin close, victor.

  • Quagmire

    I was overjoyed to see this hack actress (hacktress) fall on her ass. If only she had broken her neck…I don’t think I’m that lucky. There are certain actors and actresses I just can’t take, and she is one of them. She’s just an ass-ugly, misshapen subhuman with no talent and a horrible career record (Legally Blonde?Cruel Intetntions?Hellboy?). Fuck Selma bLair and fuck her one-eyed dog, too.