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Ahhh! It’s a ghost!

By on June 2, 2009

anne hathaway jimmy fallon

No offense to Anne Hathaway, but I don’t think we could ever have sex or I’d have a really hard time trying to maintain an erection. I like my partners to be extremely pale AND not breathing, thank you very much.

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  • Suzy

    She looks fucking amazing. Being tan isn’t attractive to me, mostly because I don’t want it to look like I am the crypt keeper when I am forty.

    I like my pale skin, and I’ve certainly never had any complaints about it from men.

  • Fiona

    I can appreciate a beautiful brown tan but how can you hate on Hathaway? She looks freakin amazing.
    That dress does things to her figure that should be illegal. And from a fashion point of view her pale skin makes the beautiful deep red pop out, tanned skin wouldn’t do it the same justice.

  • kimchichi

    Ha ha, she has a Canadian tan. I haven’t legs that blue white since I went to Sylvan Lake. And was wearing shorts. And looked down at my blindingly white legs.

  • Erin

    She looks beautiful. There is not a gd thing wrong with her. What kind of jackass makes fun of the color of someones skin anyway?

    • http://theblemish.com Victor

      Oh, I think we all know what kind of jackass does that. *Looks around suspiciously*

  • KL

    I love her skin color. I totally covet milky white skin- beautiful!

  • http://www.richardbrianpenn.com/ richard brian penn

    Don’t pick on Anne. I’d share my couch and watch “True Blood” with her any day.

  • dew

    Yea, I bet you’d never say something about how dark a person of color’s skin was.

    Most white people don’t look that great when their skin has no color from the sun, but this lady looks great even though her skin almost glows. And I love how she contrasts against the powerful colors she wears.

  • Laura

    whoa. i never thought a post about raping corpses would be so controversal.

  • Jacque

    White skin is healthy skin…..ummmm heard of skin cancer???

  • angelangie

    that one hell of a beautiful lady….she is so fair it like a fairy from the wonderland and the red make u think twice n it look sinful on her as well her milky skin make her look innocent….

    she looks great and im guessing u might be jealous….