Jenna Dewan is in a bikini | The Blemish

Jenna Dewan is in a bikini

By on July 13, 2010

Jenna Dewan and his wife Channing Tatum (you see what I did there?) are on vacation in Ischia, Italy with the other 500 celebrities. Channing Tatum should change his name to Chubby Taters because that’s what it looks like hes’ been eating for the past three months. Jenna still looks hot but Channing looks like the Pillsbury Dough Boy. I bet if you poked him in the stomach he’d instinctively go, “hehe.”

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  • nolalola26

    Aw man, what happened to him? He was FINE. Yes, I said someone was “fine,” meaning attractive, in 2010. That’s how I roll. (Yeah, I also said “that’s how I roll.” Because, you know..)

  • jatfly

    Dewan is smoking hot,,,,but hey isn’t that Jeremy Renner as well?

  • chewy

    mehh..she’s aight.