Elizabeth Hurley’s Hottest Bikini Pics of All-Time

Elizabeth Hurley and bikinis, three words that were never sweeter together. At 54, her body is aging 3 times slower than normal. It’s like gravity can’t penetrate a force field around her boobs. They’re ever present in her Instagram feed and as amazing now as they were 25 years ago. She’s also parlayed them into the Austin Powers movies and a swimwear line, Elizabeth Hurley Beach. Life is good for the Brit.

If you haven’t yet, go follow her on Instagram. You can get a look into Hurley’s life. Her husband, her interesting, borderline creepy, closeness with her son and her bikinis.

Of course, if you only want to see Hurley in her bikini, just keep scrolling. In honor of Hurley’s boobs, we’ve complied her hottest and sexiest bikini pics.

Hurley’s bikini game has never faltered.

Her bikini dance always gets the Internet salivating.

Hurley loves string bikinis.

Yellow string bikinis.

Fancy a white string bikini?

Perhaps a pink bikini is more your liking.

Any bikini will do for Hurley.

Hurley’s boobs were made for bikinis.

Hurley has a swimwear line, but you never see her in water.

Long live Elizabeth Hurley.

Now that you go to the end, here’s your reward. if you want something besides Elizabeth Hurley in her bikini, how about Elizabeth Hurley topless?

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