Jessica Lowndes is in a bikini | The Blemish

Jessica Lowndes is in a bikini

By on November 22, 2010

Jessica Lowndes spent the weekend in Miami with an unidentified male in her bikini. Usually Jessica looks hotter but she looks a little lumpy here. “What can I do about this?,” I asked myself. So I put my hand over her lower half and stared at her breasts.

Update: I’m starting to agree with people who say this might not be Jessica. This is Jessica. These bikini shots? Maybe?

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  • Haleyhammerling

    this isnt jessica lowndes

  • haha

    you guys are just begging to be sued arent you? cant wait

  • LB Lawyer 4u

    perez hilton doesn’t post pics of random pretty girls and create a whole story on it. come on Fame and one of the 3 writers of the site. neither does wwtdd. this story has been up for over 2 weeks?? and u still haven’t taken it down?? what a joke

  • The Blemish

    Yea, that’s what I was thinking too. But I just went with it. Agency may have mislabeled.