Angelina Jolie's ass on display | The Blemish

Angelina Jolie’s ass on display

By on December 15, 2010

laughed when she heard she was nominated for a Golden Globe for The Tourist. Not because the Globes sound like a joke this year but “we were laughing because it’s the first time that I’ve been in the comedic category so it’s new for me.”

That’s beside the point, however, because today a still of Angelina Jolie’s ass from the production of leaked. Presumably from the scene when Angelina gets out of the rejuvenation tub or whatever it was called.

They should have made a close-up of her ass take up 30 minutes of the movie because it’s wonderful and a cinematic achievement. I bet it would have been nominated for a Golden Globe.

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  • M

    was this seriously leaked today? right after it became evident The Tourist is on the verge of bombing? guys, here’s a hint: if you stop paying for Jolie movies you are very likely to make yourselves a very XXXmas present soon enough

  • chester

    Are those instructions tattooed on her ass for her preferred style of fucking?

  • Tda320

    ugly ass for a “hot woman”, disapointed…

  • Ggyjugth

    mans ass….

  • Michelliton

    far too small

  • michaelesso

    That could be any ones Butt, Including my Wife’s, cone to think of it…………………

  • YourMom

    Of course her ass is small, she’s white, her ass is supposed to be small. I dont know why you want a fat ass anyway. A fat ass just means the woman has loads of excess body fat. I dont like fat fucks.[Sorry everyone in america - But you disgust me]

    • Chuckboy4

      You are a stupid fucking idiot.

  • Bob

    I would tap her ass so hard… I love a beautiful woman with a good ass. And she has beautiful eyes that you could just stare at while she is sucking your penis with her amazing lips.

  • Gaudy

    That’s a sexy ass!!!!!