Brad Pitt Domestic Violence Details Revealed and No One on the Internet Likes Him Right Now

FBI reports revealed so many details of Brad Pitt’s domestic violence against Angelina Jolie that the Internet’s practically burning an effigy of him.

Recently obtained FBI reports state Pitt grabbed Angelina Jolie by the hair in 2016 on a flight and shook her. He also poured beer on her while she slept. He also charged his son Maddox before Jolie stopped him. But…but..his smile!

Twitter was so disgusted by him.

How will Pitt ever recover from these domestic violence claims? Oh, I know. Smile his charming smile, go all awww shucks on us, then have his PR people seed entertainment media with sympathetic stories about kicking alcohol, doing his damnedest to get back in touch with his kids if only that difficult Angelina Jolie would let him.

Johnny Depp’s already slated to direct a movie with Al Pacino not even six months after his defamation trial and all those pesky details about his domestic assault against Amber Heard. So, hang in there Brad, it’s gonna be a rough few months.

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