Hilary Duff Almost Arrested in Paris | The Blemish

Hilary Duff Almost Arrested in Paris

By on February 4, 2011

According to Just Jared, Hilary Duff tweeted that she was almost arrested in Paris. “Mouloud Achour makes me smile. Fun time with you even though you almost got me arrested ;),” wrote Hilary.

No other details were given but judging by these photos of her in Paris yesterday, Mouloud Achour almost convinced police she was a hooker. Intuition. I have it.

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  • theOPP

    LOL. I thought it was a cultural barrier or something. I think her works but she is very pale, though it could be the camera lights making her almost look a little under the weather.

  • broham

    for giving “bad head?” It’s a crime there.