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Julia Roberts Is in a Bikini

By on August 17, 2011

Here’s Julia Roberts and her husband Danny Moder at the beach in Kauai, Hawaii. Everybody always tells me how beautiful Julia Roberts is and how Pretty Woman is such a great movie. I always shake my head and then punch them in the mouth if they keep insisting. Now I can avoid those police reports and just shove these pictures in their faces. “Where’s your god now?!,” I’ll probably yell at them.

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  • barfolomew

    She was always icky.  Now, she’s really icky.  Ick.

  • PixNix

    Come on now, Blemish…she’s in her mid-forties for pete’s sake AND she’s had 3 kids (why do I think you’re a “dude?”) But oh, how those Hollywood Demi-God’s fall when they make the all-so-human error of (say this very quietly) “AGING!” Anyway, besides that, have always thought her to be over-rated (ooh, Julia is ALWAYS awesome playing well, some version of, “Julia.” She gets a friggin Oscar for that Erin B. movie and those pinched nose Academy voters overlook Meg Ryan who Rocked It in “Courage Under Fire” and “When A Man Loves A Woman”).  I’m waiting for some college coed to get hubby’s roving eye & then, when she’s got him in her hooks, she can wear a t-shirt saying, “JULIA SO LOW.” Is ANYone paying attention here…?