Watch Heidi Klum Transform Into an Ape | The Blemish

Watch Heidi Klum Transform Into an Ape

By on November 1, 2011

showed up for another party the other day in NYC with her husband . Both dressed up as apes from Planet of the Apes. At least I hope the costumes were inspired by Planet of the Apes or else Heidi Klum is really racist for making Seal dress up like a monkey. But I’m assuming it was from the movie. Unless she got up on the microphone, shouted “Hey, guys, guess who I am?,” and started singing “Kiss From a Rose.” If that was the case, then awk-ward.

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  • MonkeyBusiness

    It was cool until they started throwing their shit at everyone

  • Dr Doo

    What do you mean “dress up like a monkey?”  It just looks like he didn’t shave.