Emma Roberts Stuffs Her Bra | The Blemish

Emma Roberts Stuffs Her Bra

By on April 20, 2012

Emma Roberts was photographed walking around LA on Thursday before she ducked into a restaurant to escape the paparazzi. The photogs didn’t seem too disappointed though because they found her car and started taking pictures of it through the window. At least X17 did anyway. That’s where they found the chest enhancers aka chicken cutlets that Emma uses to boost her bust (photo here).

Do they make only one size of these things or are there bigger ones because it wouldn’t hurt if Emma Roberts went up a size. Or two.

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  • mopo

    That’s OK, I can stuff her box.  Yay!

  • Prima Ballerina

    So maybe Emma was naive in forgetting to put her private stuff out of nosey people’s sight.  Guess what, MOST celebrity females either wear padded push up bras, use those enhancers OR they have fake implants stuffed under their chest muscle(if their surgeon is any good). 

    Actually, I find it admirable when I see a celebrity female with her natural small chest instead of the fake dime a dozen distorted breasts all over the media.  Women should be proud of their bodies not made to feel pressured to conform to cartoons or perhaps males subconscious oral fixation fetishes.  

    Same can be said for males who over do it with body building then can’t turn their head because their Trapezius muscles took over & they have skinny legs and giant upper bodies like fiddler crabs.  Stop punishing yourselves. 

    • Cookiemonster

      Sorry, that’s not how Hollywood works. Hollywood is all about fantasy and that means big, chested stars, even if it’s unrealistic. If we all want reality, we’d look out the window and stop going to movies.

      • Super Natural

        Sorry, that isn’t accurate – many males prefer natural and or smaller breasted women.  Big fake bolt on boobs are a dime a dozen.

        • bfg666

          Like most men, I have a thing for big boobies, but I’d take a flat chest over plastic balloons any time. Jeez, seeing fake boobs even is a serious turn-off for me.

  • Boobs

    Those aren’t “breast stuffers.” They are adhesive bra cups that pretty much act like a regular bra, but without the need for straps. Nu bra is the popular brand.

  • Blackbryony

    Yeah.. those are for wearing in a strapless dress.  They stay on better than a real strapless bra.