Janice Dickinson: 'Look at Me, Look at Me!' | The Blemish

Janice Dickinson: ‘Look at Me, Look at Me!’

By on May 2, 2012

Attention starved former model Janice Dickinson spotted cameras at the Coldplay concert at the Hollywood Bowl and did what any fading celebrity without shame would do when presented with an opportunity to become slightly less irrelevant. She acted like an idiot jumping up and clicking her heels in the air. She’d probably lick the sidewalk if you told her it’d make her famous for a week.

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  • Chriscipollini

    What a condescending comment. She’s just having a good time. pricks.

  • Haute Domina

    Janice looks really good in these pics.  Nice slender figure compared to most fatty cakes.  She seems to look friendly which is always attractive compared to being a pompous stuck up individual.