Stephanie Seymour Naked in i-D Magazine | The Blemish

Stephanie Seymour Naked in i-D Magazine

By on September 21, 2012

These photos (especially this NSFW one here) of in the Fall 2012 issue of i-D magazine could explain why her son, even though he’s gay, gets boners when he sees her in a bikini and why he has the sudden urge to make out with her. For a 44-year-old, she’s hot. Usually I’d say I’d be gay to not get an erection and try to make out with her but apparently even that’s not true.

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  • Nick

    Stephanie Seymour photos are awesome. I never thought I would see her naked. I am a very wealthy man and if she poses in Hustler Magazine, I am going to hunt her down and marry her. I would like to see more nude poses of her.

  • Jim

    Her bush looks weird.

  • Jack

    Come on Stephanie, give us a little look in Hustler Magazine. You are cut out for it. Show us what you can do.