Hulk Hogan Thinks His Daughter Has Nice Legs | The Blemish

Hulk Hogan Thinks His Daughter Has Nice Legs

By on January 28, 2013

Back in 2008, pictures came out of putting suntan lotion up his daughter Brooke Hogan’s butt crack. Later, Hulk would go on to date a girl who looked exactly like . Things started quieting down when more and more people started commenting about how he was Joe Simpson-ing the hell out of his daughter.

That is until yesterday when Hulk tweeted a picture of Brooke with the caption, “Brooke’s legs.” I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a hidden camera behind a hole drilled in Brooke’s bedroom wall directly feeding into Hulk’s wrestling dungeon/Brooke shrine. I mean, look at the way the picture was shot. It looks like it was taken with a spy cam.

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    hunk is sick i bet he has banged brook and i find it funny as hell bubba let him fck his wife and what a shock it was caught on tape lol well no shit its bubba the love sponge what he think was going to happen bubba wife was nothing more then a show hoe that fcked all his friends and did what she was told beat she slept with spice boy and have of his crew lol fuck the hulk washed up has been