Tech Billionare Bankrolled Hulk Hogan’s Lawsuit Against Gawker

This is the trial that keeps on giving.

From Gawker:

On Monday, the New York Times reported that Gawker Media CEO Nick Denton had come to believe that a wealthy individual has been funding a steady stream of lawsuits, including three differentones filed by Hulk Hogan alone, against his company.

This plot so thick there’s at least a dozen rap songs about it.

Two journalists atForbes magazine, Ryan Mac and Matt Drange, are lending credence to Denton’s theory. On Tuesday evening, the pair revealed that the powerful Silicon Valley billionaire Peter Thiel has been secretly underwriting Hulk Hogan’s litigation against Gawker.

I take that back. Like 45 rap songs.

Shortly after the Forbes story was published, the Times’ Andrew Ross Sorkin corroborated the claim in his own story, citing an anonymous source.

But get this:

In a comment on a 2007 post by Valleywag editor Owen Thomas on the open secret of Thiel’s sexuality, Denton described being threatened for his prior attempts to report on the billionaire’s dating habits: “He was so paranoid that, when I was looking into the story, a year ago, I got a series of messages relaying the destruction that would rain down on me, and various innocent civilians caught in the crossfire, if a story ever ran.”

Crazy rich people man. I’d buy it.

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