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Drake Made It Rain $50,000 in a Strip Club

By on March 5, 2013

Ever wanted to know why a lot of popular entertainers end up broke and declaring bankruptcy when their careers come to a screeching halt? Because they think the ride never ends so the words “money management” never enter their Dom Perignon soaked brains. Just take a look at these pictures of Drake at the Cameo strip club in Charlotte.

Drake brought in a cardboard box with bricks of cash. $50,000 worth. Another rapper, Bleu Davinci, brought in $25,000. Together, they proceeded to make it rain in da club. The money ended up just scattering on the floor around him. It was a little anticlimactic but the floor was so full of cash they could have Scrooge McDuck’ed the place by swimming around in the dollar bills on the ground.

True story. I was in a club one time when someone kept making it rain. The speed at which the staff swept dollar bills into their standing dust pans was mind blowing. They were vicious too. When a girl tried to pick up a wad of ones, they stomped on it so they couldn’t get it.

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  • Cookiemonster

    This is why terrorists hate us.

  • Nate

    In other news, Drake murdered by guy in the top center part of the picture, with the skull shirt and black gloved fingers in the C. Montgomery Burn “Yeeeeesssss …” pose. If you see this man, … aw, just, y’know, let ‘im go; he’s good people.

  • Cookiemonster

    Gloves in da club. No, that doesn’t stick out at all!