Anne Hathaway’s Vagina Made the Premiere

When you’re an A-list celebrity like Anne Hathaway arriving at the world premiere of a major movie like Les Miserables where you know there’ll be thousands of cameras going off, it’s probably best to wear some underwear under your loose dress or at least get out of the car real carefully.


Anne Hathaway Got Married

Over the weekend, Anne Hathaway married her non-shady boyfriend Adam Shulman at a private residence in Big Sur, California.


The Dark Knight Premiered in NYC

The Dark Knight Rises, that small independent film you’ve never heard of that’ll probably only show on five screens across the US, held it’s premiere in NYC last night.


Anne Hathaway in a Bikini in Miami

Anne Hathaway romped around the ocean in Miami in a black bikini today without her $150,000 engagement ring while sporting her pixie cut that doesn’t really work for her because it exaggerates her already exaggerated features.


Anne Hathaway Cut Off All Her Hair

Anne Hathaway pulled an Emma Watson the other day, chopping her hair short in a pixie cut for her role in Les Miserables. This elicited a “Dear god, what have you done?!,” from everyone on the planet.