Dakota Fanning is questionable

Dakota Fanning

12 year old Dakota Fanning stars in Hounddog, “a dark story of abuse, violence and Elvis Presley adulation in the rural South”. The movie calls for Dakota Fanning to be raped and appear naked or only wearing underpants in a couple of other scenes. Dakota has already filmed the rape scene and it’s said to be tasteful. If you combine rape and Dakota Fanning’s screaming, you can imagine how annoying/uncomfortable this movie might be.

“The two taboos in Hollywood are child abuse and the killing of animals,” a source close to the situation told me. “In this movie, both things happen.”

The film has said to have scared off investors because of it’s material, but Fanning’s mother and agent believe that this will garner her an Oscar Nomination. After an emergency search, they found the investors and plan to wrap up tomorrow. If I have to watch Dakota Fanning act like a precocious girl again and hear that screaming I swear I’m gonna snap. Other than that, this sounds like a pretty solid movie. I can’t really make fun of child rape so, go Dakota!?

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