Jeri Ryan is engaged

Jeri Ryan of Star Trek: Voyager fame is engaged to French chef Christopher Eme. She announced the engagement while promoting her new tv series, Shark.

Ryan revealed the details of the proposal saying, “He brought me home, covered my eyes and took me up to the bedroom. “He had candles lit everywhere and champagne on ice. He had gotten this huge canvas and painted it with words that said in French ‘And you come with me forever.'” Eme also put a photograph of the pair at the bottom of the canvas with the words ‘Toi et Moi’ (‘You and Me’).

Sure, it’s romantic when he does it, but when I do the canvas thing women freak out. I suppose it has a little to do with using the blood of vrigins to write ‘And you come with me forever’. Some women are so stuck up. When asked for a reply, Christopher Eme cried: “All I wanted was anal sex”.

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12 years ago

I heard Jeri Ryan is against anal sex.