Jeri Ryan has nice breasts

The title should actually be “James Woods and William Shatner are dirty and a little creepy and old,” but I don’t think that would have fit. Jeri Ryan feels it’s better she isn’t one of those prissy girls. The Seven of Nine actress stars in Shark with James Woods and says:

“Within 30 seconds of meeting Jimmy, he began commenting on the ‘The Girls,’ as I refer to my boobs. In fact, ‘The Girls’ have become a constant topic of conversation on the set.”

James Woods isn’t the only one fascinated by her breasts, there’s also Billy.

Asked if she and William Shatner discussed “Star Trek” when they worked together on “Boston Legal,” she quipped: “Not really. He mainly talked about ‘The Girls.’ “

Just another reason why I should become an actor. Even when I’m in my 50’s and 60’s and about to die, I can still go on about my co-workers breasts like some blithering idiot without the searing pain in my nuts. Not only that, the older I get the more acceptable it is for me to have an erection while talking to someone like Jeri Ryan. Assuming I can still get it up at that age. I’d be pretty impressed if my penis survived the daily beatings I’m giving it now.

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16 years ago

That’s interesting, naming parts of one’s own body as if they had a separate identity.
I hope she has more going than that when she gets to be my age!
“Seven of Boobs” {one person’s article nick names her, what a shame to be reduced to such a level!
Of more interest to me,
I hear she shoots a good game of pool and is quite witty.