James Woods Wants to Hunt Humans to Stop Poachers

Sometimes people surprise you. For example, I thought James Woods was sleazy and completely insane in a throwing your own s**t against the wall fashion and was completely devoid of humanity. And I thought he’d pretty much back up whatever Donald Trump does without question. But even though Trump’s terrible idiot children are trophy hunters, James Woods has strong feelings about the practice, and they’re not good ones.

Yeah, of course it ties back to Clinton somehow. Like I mentioned, Trump is the one who has the trophy hunting kids.

And there’s the James Woods I was expecting to see. Hunting man. The most dangerous game. That’s the kind of forward-thinking that gets you guest spots as a vindictive lunatic on Family Guy.

Woods isn’t entirely wrong, poachers and trophy hunters are basically scum, and it’s not the killing animals thing, it’s killing animals for no reason. When we kill a cow, we use pretty much every part of it, mostly in hot dogs and that beige protein paste Robocop eats.

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