Some of the Best Ways People Have Gotten Blocked by Celebrities on Twitter

Have you ever been blocked by a celebrity on Twitter? I don’t mean a Twitter celebrity like Eric “Game Theory” Garland or Jeopardy contestant Arthur Chu, you know, the guy whose wife left him because he was always attracting ants and ignoring her despite her debilitating chronic condition in order to argue with people on Twitter. Those pricks block everyone. I mean like an actual celebrity, someone with a TV show or something.

Me, I’ve been blocked on Twitter by former congressman and current MSNBC host Joe Scarborough. You make a few tweets about how an intern was found dead in his office under mysterious circumstances with an inconclusive autopsy a few months before he resigned to “spend more time with his family” and a guy gets all sensitive. Of course, he also got the Daily Kos guy banned from MSNBC for bringing up Lori Klausutis, it’s a touchy subject for him.

It turns out I’m not the only person who was blocked by a celebrity on Twitter for being a wiseass. Twitter user DregoDaGreat asked what people have been blocked by celebrities for, and some of the answers are pretty great.

Hey, I liked Boy Meets World, too. I guess Topanga never learned how to take a joke.

This is the best science burn I’ve ever seen.

Well, who doesn’t want to join R. Kelly’s sex cult?

That dude is quick on the block button. You’d think a guy who pees on underaged girls and has a sex cult would have a thicker skin about it.

More than one person mentioned being blocked by Ashanti for talking about her sideburns.

That Chinese bit translates as “You look like a stuffed turkey”. It’s not wrong.

Chik-Fil-A is closed on Sundays, though…

This is the only one that actually made me laugh out loud.

Okay, I’m dying, but you earned that one, bro.

It’s a nice reminder that celebrities are just like us, in that they block people who crack a joke at their expense on Twitter at the drop of a hat.

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3 years ago

Wait, did you actually quote a film review from someone else to base your judgement of Arthur Chu on? A film that you haven’t even seen, and a film that was falsely interpreted by a journalist who has a history of hating men? There’s so much irony here it’s ridiculous, especially when you’re writing an article about celebrities who are blocking you when they don’t know the full story or care to give the time to understand where you’re coming from. You’re blaming them for being so quick to judge and placing people in this box when you started off… Read more »

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