R. Kelly’s Sex House Sounds Pretty Easy to Get Out Of

It’s the return of my favorite story: The R. Kelly Sex House Extravaganza.

You guys remember Jerhonda Pace? She’s the 24-year-old who talked to BuzzFeed about her experiences with R. Kelly. She was 15 when she met Kelly, defended him during his underage sex trial, and ended up being one of his sex slaves. Well, she’s back and still talking.

She appeared on The Real on Monday and continued to share her R. Kelly stories, including a story about how she was trained by another woman on how to properly please Mr. Kelly.

“I went out there to his tour bus and you have him naked and you have her naked. And I’m looking like, ‘Okay, what is this?’”

Hold up, is that one of the Mowry twins on this talk show? I always wondered what happened to them. Sister, Sister was the bomb. Alright, back to the story.

“Because Rob is the one who took my virginity, so I was like, ‘What’s going on?’ And he said, ‘Don’t worry about it.’ I guess he saw that I was looking uneasy. I wanted to know what am I doing. That’s when he told me to look at her and he said, ‘She’s going to teach you everything you need to know. She’s going to please you.’ He told me to remove my clothes. That’s when me and her engaged in sexual activity. She was doing everything because I didn’t know. I was 16.”

R. Kelly is a genius.

Having sex with a virgin is usually a bad experience because they don’t know what they’re doing. Providing them with a hands-on teacher is a baller move and ensures sexual happiness for both of you. Jerhonda Pace was taught Sex Ed 101 by R. Kelly. FOR FREE! He could charge millions for that course and she got it for free.

If R. Kelly is guilty of anything in this scenario, he’s guilty of trying to better prepare teenage girls for their upcoming sexual encounters.

Pace continued to talk about Kelly’s Slave House, particularly how she escaped.

“I told him I wanted to go to my uncle’s house to grab some shoes. He said, ‘Ok, you get there, you grab the shoes, and you come right back.’ At that moment, I when I got out of the house, I was like, ‘I’m not going back. I refuse.’ I left everything behind. The only thing I had in my hand was a cell phone.”

That’s it? That’s how she escaped? R. Kelly allegedly keeps these women locked up under the tightest of tight securities and he just believed she was going to her uncle’s house without sending someone with her? AND SHE HAD HER CELL PHONE?!?! I thought he took away all the cell phones.

Sorry, this just doesn’t add up to me. She escaped way too easily based on everything that’s been said about Kelly’s insane level of control with these women. She admitted that she was trusted enough to just walk out the door without any type of fight or hassle. That’s a far cry from, “He controls everything you do.”

It sounds to me like R. Kelly is running a Sex School, not a sex slave house. And for that, he should be praised.

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