James Woods Talks About Anderson Cooper’s Butt Plug and Perez Hilton Does Not Approve

James Woods, noted conservative Hollywood actor, went at Anderson Cooper the other day.

You’ll remember Cooper did an eye roll at Kellyanne Conway’s comments during an interview. Conway defended Trump, as usual, on his firing of FBI Director James Comey.

When asked about this, Conway defended Trump’s decision, stating that the president had lost confidence in the FBI director after newly-appointed Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein recommended that Comey be fired for making serious mistakes during his handling of the investigation. Conway also didn’t address the president’s sudden change in opinion, instead pivoting to how she’d appeared on Cooper’s show in the fall and predicted that they would win Michigan. Thus prompting Cooper’s pronounced eye roll.

Woods caught wind and interpreted Cooper’s eye roll differently.

Woods tweeted “As his butt plug dislodges during a newscast”. Hehe. It’s like if Cooper was a marionette, but with a string tied to his butt plug. Pull the string and his eyes roll back.

Perez Hilton the blogger jumped in and came at Woods:

He tweeted a GIF: “You’re a disgusting, delusional, pathetic fool!”

Haha…Too good. Someone can’t take a joke.

Perez and Woods should just kiss and make up.

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