Michael Jackson is really weird

Jackson is said to be shocked to find out his ex-associate directed a gay porno. I’m shocked that Jackson is shocked at this.

“I was shocked by what I saw. … [Schaffel] was directing two guys. They were naked from head to toe … and he was telling one what to do with the other and he grabbed their penis or something,” said Jackson, who was dressed in a dark, striped, button-down shirt.

Good job throwing in that “or something”. People were starting to think you were a pervert, but the “or something” shows you’re as innocent as the boys you love.

Jackson, who has twice been accused of sexually molesting teenage boys but never convicted, said he didn’t think “mothers” would approve of his association with someone who made “gay pornography.”

I can tell you some other things mothers don’t approve of. I’m just gonna grab an example out of thin air. Mothers don’t approve of men who have a theme park to lure children into their beds and then are tried for child molestation. Face it, if you were a mother would you rather send your kid off with a gay porn director or monkey man himself.

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