Tara Reid is not so hot

Remember in the American Pie days where Tara Reid used to be skinny? Then you could kind of see her start slipping in Van Wilder? Then her boob job came and everything went to hell? Sure, she had a little baby fat back then and it was alright, but if you look at Tara Reid now, she is in desperate need of something or someone to slap the ugly out of her. I would do it, but I fear that when my hand meets her face, I’ll either get the clap or herpes.

As you can see, this chunky beast with saggy tits is starting to look like a middle aged biker chick. Note that I have no problems with middle aged biker chicks. I just have a problem with looking at them.

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17 years ago

OK She is not even Fat! Would you rather her be stick thin with her bones stickin out? Then you guys would really talk! Never satisfied i swear.