Tara Reid Claims Delta Tried to Kill Her Dog to Cover up Her Own Bad Behavior

Year-round Halloween decoration Tara Reid was recently in the news for getting thrown off of a flight, reportedly for causing a disturbance. Reid herself has a different story, though, making an Instagram post claiming Delta asked her to put her dog in the overhead bin and that she deboarded without incident of her own accord.

Here’s what TMZ originally reported:

The incident went down Monday afternoon on Delta Flight 613 from LAX to NYC. Witnesses tell us Tara was pissed and loudly complained about being given the wrong seat. She later bitched about not getting a pillow. Flight attendants tried diffusing the situation … but it was too little, too late.


Tara’s side of the story is she thought she had a window seat and was upset that wasn’t the case. Further, she says she was cramped in her seat because the woman in front of her had reclined.

TMZ’s source for Tara Reid being upset about the window seat and being cramped was… Tara Reid, so it seems hard to take her backpedal on this seriously. TMZ got a statement from Delta on Reid’s new claims.

Delta says Tara’s got it all wrong. A spokesperson tells TMZ … first class seats do not allow bags at your feet — and, as a result, a flight attendant DID suggest Tara put her dog’s carrier in overhead … NEVER the dog itself.

The rep says Tara was told plainly she could keep her dog in her lap or by her feet.

Additionally, Delta says she didn’t go quietly and was “very unruly and disruptive” … according to flight attendants and other passengers.

We all know that airlines can be fucked up and have killed people’s pets before by cramming them in the overhead compartment. I’m not saying this is the case, but it seems like the sort of thing that a former celebrity turned walking skeleton who once walked around Puffy Daddy’s birthday with her weird-looking breast entirely exposed for like an entire minute could easily use as part of a made-up story to make herself look good.

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