Paris Hilton bets on sex

More details as to why Paris Hilton would give up sex have come out. Apparently it wasn’t just for the betterment of herself, it was to win a bet for the single girls club she created. Another member of this club is Serena Williams.

Yea, you read that right. Someone actually allowed Serena Williams in a GIRLS club and let her in on this bet. Paris Hilton may not be the best looking gal in the world, but when you’re up against Serena there has to be some sort of handicap. I’m not saying Serena is ugly. I just can’t envision men beating down her door to get at her vagina no matter how unused it is compared to Paris’ and when you’re up against a girl who has penis for breakfast, it’s kind of unfair.

Here’s Paris trying to be sexy. Look at her left eye in that one pic and tell me you don’t want to go “Yarrrr matey”.

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17 years ago

so if paris isn’t having sex, why is she on the patch, which is evident from the back view through her sheer undies????