Paris Hilton Says She Has PTSD From Her Sex Tape

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Paris Hilton built her brand for decades on being an airheaded slut. She still kind of leans into that image today, with things like her weird, one-off cooking show that I’m still sure if it was meant to be a joke or if she just stopped doing it because, like Pairs herself, it went viral for all the wrong reasons.

Paris Hilton is basically famous because she had a sex tape that leaked to the public right around the time her reality show, on which she asked if Walmart sold walls, was airing on Fox. And keep in mind as we go on that The Simple Life’s first season was finished before Hilton’s sex tape leaked.

There was speculation at the time that Hilton leaked the tape herself to bring attention to her show, but we know that’s not the case. In fact, Page Six reports that Hilton says the release of her sex tape gave her PTSD.

It’s always there in the back of my mind. When it happened, people were so mean about it to me. The way that I was spoken about on nightly talk shows and the media, to see things with my family was just heartbreaking. I would be in tears every single day, I didn’t want to leave my house, I felt like my life was over.

It was a private experience between two people. You love someone, you trust someone and to have your trust betrayed like that and for the whole world to be watching and laughing … It was even more hurtful to me to have these people think that I did this on purpose — that killed me. It still gives me post-traumatic stress disorder to talk about it.

It’s easy to feel sorry for Hilton after hearing that, so luckily she kept talking.

I had always looked up to these amazing women like Princess Diana and I just felt like when he did that to me, [he] took that all away from me and people would never look at me the same.

Yeah, you think Walmart sold walls was before the sex tape leaked, no one was in danger of confusing you with Princess Diana, who is best remembered for advocating against the use of landmines in warfare.

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