Paris Hilton Is ABSOLUTELY Keeping the Ring

Well, it’s official. Paris Hilton is certain that the ring from her broken engagement to Chris Zylka is most definitely hers.

In November, true love died (again) for Paris Hilton when her engagement to Chris Zylka was terminated. There had been some early speculation as to whether Paris was going to return the $2 million ring to Zylka. The reports did not look promising.

Now, Paris has officially declared to TMZ that she is absolutely, positively, no-shade-of-a-doubt keeping that damn ring.

“It’s mine. It was free.”

This situation is a little trickier to navigate than you would imagine. When Paris says the ring was free, she seems to indicate quite literally that the ring was free (at least that’s what she thinks). According to her, Zylka didn’t buy the ring himself but was given the ring from an L.A. jewelry store in exchange for free publicity.

California law says that the person who ends the engagement gives up the ring. In this case that would be Paris, so she technically doesn’t have a legal right to keep it. However, if what Paris is saying is true, and Chris Zylka didn’t actually purchase it, then it sounds like it could be questionable as to whether he has a claim to it. I don’t know; maybe the jewelry shop might want it back since Paris didn’t fulfill her end of the deal and get married wearing their ring?

If Zylka did put down money for the ring (even if it wasn’t the full cost), then, yeah, it does need to go back to him. As unromantic as it sounds, legally, engagement rings are seen as a conditional gift which means marriage is expected to take place. If the engagement ends and there’s no marriage, the contract is void, and the ring goes back to the original owner (the person who paid for it). Now, laws may vary among the states, but there are loopholes to this ring rule: birthdays and holidays. If you propose to someone on their birthday or a gift-giving holiday (i.e., Christmas), it’s possible a court (again, depends on state law) could see the engagement ring as an actual gift that can’t be revoked.

If Chris Zylka decides he still wants the ring back because he paid for it, I’m sure he could take Paris to court over it. Hopefully, he kept any sale slip, or the store has a record. So, the takeaway lessons for today are don’t propose on birthdays or holidays and save your receipt.

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