Nicolas Cage could be Satan

Nicholas Cage

Should I offer Nic Cage the blood of a virgin or the blood of an innocent? These are possibly the creepiest photos of someone at a press conference that I have ever seen. Scarier than Lindsay Lohan’s vagina. Almost scarier than Rosie O’Donnell naked on top of you reaching for your penis. Nevermind. That last one is pure suicide inducing terror.

Nicholas CageNicholas CageNicholas CageNicholas Cage

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Nicholas Cage is ceritifiably insane. His friends include; Jennifer Lopez, Nicole Kidman, Alanas Morriesette, Tom Hulce who support voo doo and satanism. Nicholas Cage is a rapist.
There is your church sermon for Sunday—-Beware of these Hollywood lunatics!


Alanis Morrisette looks like a witch. In fact she is a witch. She is old. Who cares.


Hey people! are you listeming and are you awake yet?
I know he is a lunatic, He is fast to go to hell with all of the greed eating his soul. It’s like a cancer. Kind of like how they spray us with chemtrials “barium oxide poisoning” Their definition of kindness is cruelty. I know Nicole Kidman is quite beautiful in her own mind. They all are.
See 911 conspiracy and Francis Coppolla’s connection to the one world order. Waste cases.


I’m sorry that happened to you whoever you are. I hope I can find some peace in your life. Tha’s so disappointing to hear that my favorite actor is a smuck and a dirty peice of shit.


Do they kill chickens in their Santeria practices or was it doves or horses? I know they love that stuff. Sickos! I read once that Jennifer Lopez loves voo doo and magic. I believe the article stated that she “murdered doves by smashing their heads with rocks.” I think they drink the blood as well.
Poor birds, maybe they pooped on her Mercedes.


What’s with Jennifer Lopez’s eyes. She looks like a baboon when she purses her lips in her photos. She has an evil eye. That’s what I see from her pictures. I believe it! May the doves fly far from her.


There is an account of Nicholas Cage raping a woman is Reno Nevada who is a poet. Why has nothing come out about this in the papers? Check it out for yourselves.


You mean in Reno, Nevada. Check your spelling.


He looks demented in the pictures up above. I don’t want to be mean, but, he does gives me the creaps as well as my productin company.


That’s creeps. Not creaps. You guys need to go back to school.


He is creaping around. Makes sense.


We’re sort of nervous to write these comments. Is he is gonna put a spell on us? We were not proof reading because we are in a hurry.


Did baboon lips ever get a degree in school or just with her voo doo practices. It is very distubing to see that these animals are still making so much money and we are the ones stupid enough to give them our money! We are fools! Let’s get away from them, Now! Don’t go to their movies or buy anything they sponsor or endorse. I’m sick of hearing of their names!

Concerned citizen of the United States.


Google —–David Rockefeller and Conspiracy and you’ll understand. Birds of a feather flock together. Sick birds mind you.


He is awesome. But only in the smallest compartment of his brain whereby he fantisizes how awesome he is to others who are deluded about who they are and who he is. One World Order
for one world government, one world religion and one world currency. Is Alice Kim a younger version of the older version of the one who tried to hit my car in Macy’s parking lot. Yes, she is.
for one world government and one world religion and one world currency.


Nicholas Cage is the son of Satan. So is George Bush.(Antichrists). No wonder our country is so screwed up.


Alanis Morrisette is a witch. She looks like an old hag.


Does Nicholas Cage think he will have dinner with Jesus Christ one day. Would he like that.? I doubt he will be allowed to come in for a bite in the end.


Hey Nick want some din din with Jesus?
Does that sound familiar to you? Remember when you prank called my house and asked if I would like to have dinner with my husband. The man of God that you picked up by the ears and nearly threw him across the room? You violent bastard. Good luck!

Let’s calm down here. Let’s put the facts where the facts are. Yes, Francis Coppola belongs to the Illuminati and did belong to the Satanist church and he is proud of himself. He does not go to the Satanist church regularly now, because too many people are talking about his involvement. He has to preserve his reputation. He thinks it is ok to do Satanism for money and then repent. He has enough money now. He can go to regular church and act like he never committed any acts of crime. I.E. murder and rape of little children such as… Read more »

What I want to know is, why did Jennifer Lopez sue her ex-husband for coming out with the truth about her voo doo practices when she was hurting not only birds but people too. She is the definition of a mercenary (narcissistic and sick). What she did to Noah is plain proof positive of her deluded obsession with her own power—-That does define what a meglamaniac is. See George Bush and all their buddies.


Megalomaniac is the correct spelling. I believe it. She is so turned on by her own self worship. She seems to worship sex in all of her videos. That is a pretty boring topic anymore. She is a bore.


General George S. Patton does not know you Nick Cage. You are the antithesis of a Christian warrior. What does that spell, relief for your victims and doom for your souls. Ha ha, we will have the last laugh.

The Holy Warriors;
the victims of rape by you Nick Cage.


Nick where’s Dick hiding? Why doesn’t Alice Kim (older version) come on over to my house and try to hit my car with the Reno P.D. sitting here waiting for you all. Waiting to put you all in jail where you belong. Huh, cat got your tongue you idiot?


Who is Dick? Richard Bryan? Ohh. I saw the police report. May I say this is the sickest shit I have ever read in my life. I really like the poet. She is great. What a bunch of jokesters and folly lovers. You want to read a real interesting piece. Try to get a hold of the police report. Victim is Dayna Williams in Reno, Nevada. Police report is public record. Wow, They are real stupid people who deserve to go to prison. Hopefully this will get out to the American people.


(older version) Alice Kim: There is no icewater in hell.
Don’t forget. Ok little chink?


FYI EVERYONE: It really didn’t surprise me to hear the foul language coming out of Sophia Coppolla (making reference that sombody will be eating their own pussy.) That doesn’t surprise me one bit coming from a Satanist father. She will pay for that every bit. She is a dirty mouthed spoiled evil child of the devil.


Sophia Coppolla sounds like she has been brain dirtied by the clan. Wow, I will never go to her movies ever. Every hair on head is in its perfect place but her heart is diseased. The inside is definitely different than the outside.


Nick Cage is a PIG and that’s not bacon or a police officer. He sure does make himself at home in our country tis of thee,sweet land of liberty. Entitlement does not equate to ownership. The meek shall inherit the earth. You Jew and Christian hating smuck!

Nick Cage hates his zits some much he took a knife to his neck to cut the zit off. This left a scar and if you see the movie FACE OFF you will notice the scar on his neck. He hated his zits so much back then. He is a zit and that is why he hates himself. Also, I am a witness to the murder attempt on Mel Gibson’s life. He tried to stab him with a knife. Much rivalry back then. There is so much to tell about him that no one knows. He is truly a sick… Read more »

Nick likes knives. All warlocks do. What a comedic attempt to make him look good by making a movies whereby he saves a girl from a satanist coven. What a joke!

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