Puff Daddy lost his Diddy

Sean Combs has settled a name dispute between himself and Richard “Diddy” Dearlove. He has agreed to drop Diddy from all his brands in the UK so as to not cause confusion between himself and that other Diddy. Mr. Dearlove began noticing the ill effects of P. Diddy after he received unwanted emails from fans.

“I started getting e-mails from Puerto Rican girls asking if they could be in my video and people were asking me to look at their clothing line,” Dearlove was quoted as saying by The Guardian newspaper.

Puerto Rican girls and email? There has to be some understanding that these girls are most likely of “loose morals” and had this been me, Fry’s Electronics would still be wondering why the Tazmanian Devil ended up blowing through their store and buying the best DV camera they have.

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